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New Biology and AP Environmental Science Curriculum

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Mary Shane, A-TECH science teacher, is working with genomes to phenomes to populations (g2p2pop), to write a new Biology and Advanced Placement(AP) Environmental Science curriculum. She is the only teacher nationally and internationally that is working on this 5 year project, with research scientists from around the nation. The new curriculum is being updated so it can have new information on recent climate change.

“The curriculum being written is based on the current research being done on global climate change,” said Shane.

They will have summertime meetings, and five workshops, one every year. The people attending the meeting along with Shane are research scientists that study climate.

“The meetings are held in the summertime, [with] research scientists from around the nation- [that] go over current research that they are working on,” said Shane.

The curriculum is in it’s first year, and they hope to get other teachers onto this project. This project is national and international, and will be made available to teachers that are interested.

“The group [receiving the new curriculum] includes classroom teachers, Dr. Jenifer Utz from UNLV, Kristoffer Carroll and Carl Jarvinen from Regional Professional Development Program (RPDP),” said Shane.

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