The Reality of Virtual Reality


“Woman using a Samsung VR Headset at SXSW” by Nan Palmero is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Val Stovner

The age of virtual reality could be upon us. With the sudden release of multiple VR headsets, it sparked a mass increase of interest. Before This VR release, it was still a thing, but only for the rich. It is now becoming more and more affordable for public use. Because of this, many companies are joining in the race.

Sony is one of those big companies that are going to make their own version of the VR headset; it would be PC and PS4 compatible and would most likely be a big deal coming this holiday season. It would be a big competitor to the already well-known VR companies such as HTC and Oculus.

Every year there is a big improvement in VR Headsets such as price, quality, and practicality. Many believe it would be a fad that would slowly disappear, while others think it would be big. There are many pros and cons to it becoming popular. The pros are that it would broaden our horizon and make VR more real and immense. It could also make it so that difficult fields of work could get virtual training that would normally have risk. The cons are that this is a new thing that could pose and most likely create danger since it does not have any restrictions about what people do in VR. And to add to this, people could become addicted to the virtual world.

Such as the invention of the first TV and the smart phone, it might not seem down to earth, but could possibly change the way that we live. Either for the better or worse.