Computer Science III’s Quarter Project: String Util


Nigelpepper on Flickr

Cayla Crouse, Cub Reporter

This Friday marked the end of the quarter, and many classes are finishing up on their first quarter projects. Computer Science III is no different, they’re finishing up on their own lab, String Util.

“It’s the beast, it’s the hardest [lab of the year],” said instructor Roger Mayo.

The project is taking strings, a limited sequence of characters (letters, numbers, symbols, or punctuation marks), breaking them up, and then putting them back together in a different order.

“But, they aren’t allowed to use loops, they have to use something called recursion,” Mayo explained.  A loop is a sequence of ‘instructions’ that is constantly repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Recursion, however, is a method used to solve a problem in computer science. The solution depends on other solutions to smaller, more controlled instances of the same problem. Something that uses recursion ‘calls’ upon itself, and continues doing that until it can get to the base case.

“Next week, however, we’re going to finally allow them to use loops. [They can use that] to do more with their code,” Mr. Mayo concluded.

Make sure to congratulate them on finishing this project on Monday, and maybe ask how they did it!