Maverick Dance Team

Maverick Dance Team

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A-TECH Maverick’s Diversity dance team rehearsed on Thursday, October 11th at 2:30 in the Lecture Center with adviser Anquionetta Springer-Eagles.

A-TECH dance team is a group of 8 girls that dances to Hip-hop and R&B music. This club has been going on for two years now with captain Daysi Sorto.

“Male[s] and female[s] [are] invited, but at the moment we have only 8 girls,” said Eagles.

At the rehearsals, Sorto goes over choreographic and stretches. She also reminds them of events and to look at the app called ‘Band’ that they communicate on. Then, they get into to choreography they previously have learned or Sorto teaches them a new dance and goes on with meetings from there.

Being a leader on a dance team can be quiet challenging, especially attending A-TECH.

“The responsibilities as a captain really varies depending on our events. However, an overall idea is: I have to get things approved before hand, make sure everyone is on the same page about events, [create] the audio we dance to, [create] the choreography and teaching it, as well as finding events to preform for while also managing my eight other classes,” said Sorto.

Even after all the hard work of school and getting the club organize, the hard work does pay off.

“Being apart of a dance team is quite entertaining because sometimes when you perform and people from the audience compliment you or hype you up, it makes one feel good about themselves. It also is like having a second family in which you get to know and experience both downs and ups with,” mentioned Sorto.

Jaz’myn Anderson, a member on the dance team, said being apart of the dance team is amazing to be in.

“I love to dance and Diversity offers so much. Whether you can dance or not, they accept you. I love the fact that the team is like a family. We laugh together and goof off and we actually wave to each other in the hallway and not just ignore [each other],” said Anderson.

Everything is never picture perfect and the Diversity is nothing different.

“I think that we should expand more and do different dance styles. Even though this is our first assembly, I feel like the ones that come after should have a twist,” mentioned Anderson.

The dance team meet mainly Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but if they have an event, they meet the day before. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless if you can dance or not. The next auditions to join the club are in January.