Student Council Helps Give Clubs a Voice to Ask for Help


Kahlin Lindholm

Poster used to advertise the inter-council meeting

The first inter-council meeting, where clubs could organize events around one another, ask Student COuncil for help, and get information about other clubs, was held on Wednesday, October 17.

Student Council hosted the meeting in Room 701 and was led primarily by Tanya Yap, the Student Body President. Yap explained the purpose of the inter-council meeting, one being to allow smaller clubs, such as Robotics Club, to have the chance to make their voices heard by larger clubs, like Board Game Club. She also explained Student Council’s hopes for the meetings, and how frequently they would be occurring.

“We want to do this at least once a month to get feedback as well as to be able to work around the other clubs’ events so that we can accommodate everyone,” said Yap.

During the meeting, larger clubs like Board Game Club, Black Student Union, and even Student Council themselves announced upcoming events to all of the representatives in the room. Ordinarily, clubs would have to go digging through hearsay and second or third person information to know what the larger clubs had planned, already making scheduling an easier thing for smaller clubs to manage.

“It’s a way for people to voice their opinions and suggestions to the Student Council, and so we can be more transparent with the student body,” said Yap, commenting on how important the inter-council meeting is to Student Council.

The meeting is the first of its kind at A-TECH, with Student Council never having been as involved with the other clubs as they are now. This was done to avoid rivalries between clubs and to allow for every club to have a fair opportunity to speak up and ask for help, if need be.

“I think that inter-council is going to benefit the school,” said Yap. “It’ll be a nice way to voice opinions or suggestions in a direct and constructive manner.”