Business II Simulations

Business II students are getting to mess around with simulations for the entirety of October and it sounds too good to be true.

Teachers have a large spectrum of how they teach their students and what better way then to teach them through games? Business II students are learning accounting, a process of recording, summarizing and reporting sales or buys, using virtual online learning.

Sherry Stidhum, the Business II teacher explained it as following, “The topic and standard that we’re covering is financial management and the simulation covers all that. It would be like playing a video game and actually applying the theory side.”

Stidhum further described it as not only a skill for assisting students in work, but it is also a life skill. “It’s a skill they can always use [throughout their life through budgeting].”

Opinions on the simulations vary with some loving it and others preferring other methods.

Regi Ramos, a junior taking Business II, says, “Personally for me, having a visual on what we’re supposed to do and how it’s done in real life gives me a better aspect for me to learn.”

However, two other juniors in Business II felt the opposite.

“I prefer the teacher lessons and textbooks because I directly get the information from what I need to learn. The simulation is alright, but I don’t prefer to learn directly from it,” said Arianna Boorboor. She went on to say that she does, however, think it’s very unique, just not enjoyable.

“I honestly felt like I was not really learning anything with the simulations. It gives a visual of the circumstances they give, but does not show any other complications or acknowledges the fact that I may be inexperienced with the terminology or fundamentals it brings up,” added Daysi Sorto.