PSAT + Bees = Not Fun!


forestgreen on

As a junior taking the PSAT, I was prepared to have a good (albeit tiring) time taking the test for the last time in my high school years, enjoying memes posted on Twitter, etc. I guess that was too much to ask for though, considering my testing area was the gym.

The gym is a fine, cold place to take a long three hour test, but that’s besides the point. My displeasure stems from the fact that the gym floor was ridden with so. many. BEES. Most of them were dead, but the ones that weren’t were putting up a big fight. Buzzing loudly while stuck on their backs, crawling around the floor in circles, and flying through the air were all the ways they tried (and succeeded in) disrupting everyone trying to take the PSAT.

The PSAT was basically a battleground of students trying to get their tests done and flinching like they were hit as a bee crawled on the ground towards them (pretty quickly too!) and flew in their faces and landed on their desks. One kid even ended up being stung by a bee and having to leave the room.

These bees were EVERYWHERE. It was hard to focus in my seat near the back when a bee started loudly protesting to its position on its back on the floor. Not only was it loud, but it was way too high pitched for such a small creature.

The bees flying around were definitely one of the bee-gger problems. Not even an hour into the first part of the test and I had a bee flying in my face. I ended up flinching so hard from the surprise of it that I knocked the extra pencil I had off the desk and sat frozen for a bit. Tell-tale snickers behind me let me know I had been caught in the act. Whoops?

At the end of the test, yet again, a bee flew at me. The only difference being that this one decided to dive-bomb so hard into the table directly in front of me that it bounced. Once it got up from being on its back, it just stood an inch away from my test and shook its butt until one of the staff watching over us swiped it off the desk with a tissue box.

Now, it’s hard enough to focus on the PSAT with how long it is and the fact that we had an extra section this year since we were an experimental group. The bees made it so much worse. When we had stretch breaks, I had to look around lest I step on a bee and then hope that the other survivors in the room didn’t decide to swarm me in revenge for their fallen brethren.

My suggestion? Maybe take preventative measures to make sure no bees are getting into the gym. Not only is it a testing site, but since it’s also used for the P.E. classes and they run around in there, I think it’s safe to say it’s a pretty hazardous area with a high chance of stings for unsuspecting school-goers.

What a way to end my last year for the PSAT.