A Shot at Oasis



The auditions for the Oasis concert recently wrapped up on Friday, October 12. The auditions first started last Monday on October 1.

According to Jeffrey Hinton, one of the advisers of the club, the point of the auditions was to indicate the type of music that the musicians play and how they can incorporate it in the concert.

“The thing that we have been trying to do with Oasis is to diversify the type of music and talent. We didn’t want it all to be rock or rap, and by doing the auditions it gives us an opportunity to see the different variety,” said Hinton.

The auditions were not really nerve racking or stressful. Hinton explained how an audition normally went.

Hinton mentioned, “It [was] really straightforward, the students just [did] their thing if they’re singing a song with a backtrack or acapella, it just depends. We [had] some that [did] it by themselves, we [had] duos, we [had] full rock bands.”

So far, everyone that auditioned will most likely be a part of the Oasis concert, so look forward to the acts going to be performed during Oasis!