The Game Environment Contest at Game Development I


Stefans09 on Flickr

This week in Game Development I, students are working hard on their quarter project-creating a game environment. They’re competing against each other, and the other classes, to create the best environment.

“Theyre creating a project that allows them [to use] creativity and along with that the skills and the concepts they learned over the semester,” said Computer Science teacher Lorenzo Hernandez.

The students have been learning how to model in Blender, a free, open-sourced 3D computer graphics software since the beginning of the year.

“What they’re involved in right now is a contest, so we have a prize for the person who makes the best-modeled environment in 3D. They will have a chance to vote and there will be a winner from each class,”Hernandez said.

The students are finishing up their projects this week, so keep an eye out for whoever wins!