Raspberry Pi


Craig Dennis

The computer science students are striving to make connections with different people this year by actually launching Raspberry Pi into outer space. Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that does not have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse attached to it and is about two to three inches wide by an inch thick. Roger Mayo, computer science teacher, is taking charge of sending these programmed computers into space.

He said, “We’ve got all kinds of crazy plans to take place.”

Mayo explained that he had gone to a science fair convention where someone had launched a Raspberry Pi into the upper atmosphere, but wanted to get them into space. With this project comes many challenges, like trying to get approval from NASA and the FCC, but they still have hope to have this accomplished.

The students can actually have unique purposes in projects like these. Each Raspberry Pi that goes up can gather data for different things depending on the students’ interests and what they program their computers to collect. It is a once in a lifetime experience that is not guaranteed to proceed, but Mayo exclaimed that there are high hopes. The students are still learning how to program and make the computer do the thing they actually want it to do.

Mayo has, evidently, shown and explained that he always has crazy ideas and the students can’t wait to see what he has in store for them next.