Where Did the Business Teachers Go?



Competence Success Know Ability Skills Strategy

On October 4th – 8th, 2018, the teachers of the business program, Greg Bailey and Sherry Stidhum went on a teacher training program in Kansas, Missouri. In this training, the teachers were educated on how to teach business economics, which will be a focus for High School Business II students in second semester.

This training is a national, three year, bi-annual program hosted by Market and Business Administration research. MBA research is a marketing, Business Administration research, and curriculum center. Business teachers learn what they’re going to be teaching in the upcoming semester as well as how to teach it. The previous training they had this year over the summer they were taught how to teach principles of business.

“I learned all the projects we do,” explained Bailey. “We do seven projects in economics and we had to learn how those projects worked as well as how to teach them.”

Stidhum also added to that by describing the importance of this program.

“A lot of people don’t realized economics is really the foundation of all our decision making. You have what’s called trade-offs and opportunity. You have to make decisions and when you make a decision, you give up something. We do it all the time, and so the training focuses on [the question] how can we help students understand theory?

Other high schools involved in this training were Spring Valley, Academy of Arts Career and Technology, West Career and Technical Academy, and Legacy. Starting in the 2018 summer, every summer for three years, the teachers of the business program areas at the aforementioned schools will be completing a teacher training program at MBA Research’s Head quarters in Columbus, Ohio. They will also complete a conference called ‘conclave’ which is combined with training every October in different cities throughout the United States.

The teachers of the business program do, however, speak outside of the training. State representative Melissa Scott is the moderator of the phone conference that link teachers up outside of the training. The conference first took place in May 2017; the second one took place in September, 2018, and the third one will be taking place in January, 2019.

The training starting this year is due to the fact the program started this year. MBA research is trusted to guide this training because they have done so much research in business they know what works. However the teachers are allowed to make adjustments where they feel they need to.

All in all, the teachers of the Business program will be going on teacher training program for three years to learn how to teach topics pertaining to the new High School of Business program.