Rendering Graphic Design


Keana-Leoni Balalio

Hand drawn vehicle renderings by Drew Comer

Lucas Gearhart’s Graphic Design III class will close the first quarter of this year with a vehicle rendering, similar to their previous Belker’s Car project.

In terms of what the students will learn, Gearhart said, “[They] will learn the techniques and Photoshop methods pertaining to their own vehicle design, as well as pen tool techniques, dodge and burn, lighting, and automotive sketching. The techniques will be valuable in transferring to other types of graphic designs for future projects.”

“I hope to learn the basics to designing a car. This can help for future projects where I may have to design or sketch out something,” said Senior Brian North. 

Others had a different take on what they learned from this two week project.

Junior Olivia Fink said, “We’re making a vehicle and we have to use the stuff that we had throughout Belker’s Car to apply it to that one. I already finished the project, but I learned a lot of stuff about the pen tool. Figuring out the pen tool was pretty easy, though.”

The pen tool, in Photoshop, is the most advanced and accurate way to make a selection and is the best option for cutting something out of a picture, all while creating smooth-edged selections.

Students used the tool to, as Gearhart said, “Clean up the line work.”

Some students found the project complicated.

“The aspect I believe to be the most complicated would be converting it to a 2.5 point perspective. This would be the most complicated since I have to give it some features as if it was a 3-D model but not fully. The aspect I believe the easiest would be the starting off sketch since there are no guidelines to sketching out the base vehicle,” said North.

However, other students had conflicting views on the project.

“I find the project kind of weird, as I think practically, and the designs that were shown as examples just confuse me as to how they would even work. I’m going to find the coloring part to be the hardest, as my rendition of the ‘Belker’s Car’ project looked like it was T-Boned by a train and then thrown into Lake Mead. I’m probably going to find the sketching part the easiest, though, as it shouldn’t be too difficult,” said Senior Drew Comer.