Case File Analysis

Last week, freshmen in Criminal Justice began to discuss their second project of the quarter where they apply all the information they learned throughout the quarter into a case file analysis. They were given one week to research, find evidence and build their case. Students each received a different crime and answered basic question about the society members and suspect(s). They were also allowed to use their books and anything from their quarter one notes.

“Each student [was] given a case file, a short story, and no more than two students in each class [had] the same story, so there [was] lots of different case files going around,” said Courtney Stern, Criminal Justice I teacher.

The case file analysis was only the beginning and similar to a warm up for the Criminal Justice students since it was their first big law related project.

“Some of them [were] really challenging, but it [was] really fun and really interesting,” mentioned Criminal Justice student Natalia Salinas.

“They felt really confident in their ability to apply the material. As a teacher, that tells me that students are gaining the skills that they need as part of the Criminal Justice program in order to be successful with this. I’m really excited to see what they do,” said Stern.