IT Essentials I Students Learn How to Build Computers


Brennan Galvin

A partially complete build of a motherboard with the necessary power connected

The IT Essentials I class learned about putting together and taking apart a computer in the IT room October 3. The information is part of a series of labs on the subject.

“This is their power supply day,” says instructor Melissa Perrin-Smith, “We’re going to talk about CMOS batteries and how they keep regular power to the motherboard, and adapters and how they connect” The motherboard is the main control unit of a computer and a CMOS helps keep  the motherboard powered.

Students knew exactly what they were doing and were interested in the subject.

“We are taking apart and putting [a computer] together,” says Daniela Randolph, a student in the class, “it’s like a puzzle.”

Other students appeared to be enjoying the topic too, stating how it would help them in their career.

“It will help us build our own computers, and computers at work” says Alex Sullivan another IT student.

“I like the fact that all computer components can just link up together and work together as a computer,” says Brandon Lopez.

A sophomore who transferred from computer science is also enjoying it.

“It’s interesting, I built my own computer before and it helps reinforce my knowledge about it.”

Overall, the IT Essentials I students seem to be enjoying expanding their knowledge in building computers.