CyberPatriot Training Is Almost Here

CyberPatriot Training Is Almost Here

Photo by CyberPatriot

The fourth CyberPatriot meeting was  October 2, after school, in I.T. teacher Melissa Perrin-Smith’s room, where they discussed the CyberPatriot training next week and announced sign-up information.

It was thought to be the last day for sign-ups to join the CyberPatriot team, but according to Perrin-Smith, that is no longer true.

“If you want to join, be there,” said Perrin-Smith.

Meetings will be held each week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but to become part of the team requires a commitment.

“If you want to be a part of CyberPatriot, you have to go to at least 2 meetings each week,” said Perrin-Smith.

Attending multiple meetings per weeks demands that students have some skin in the game, as well as perpetuates the benefits of repetition. Some students have their feeling regarding the CyberPatriot.

“I was pretty excited, a few people were really promising for a team.. I’m pretty excited for the competition,” said Cade Romero, who has had some experience similar clubs.

Other students who are new to CyberPatriot are stepping up to the challenges of the unknown.

“This is my second meeting and … it was actually pretty fun. I don’t know anything about IT and Cybersecurity, so it was a little bit difficult … it was very interesting. I actually learned something,” said freshman Daniela Randolph.

With the training coming next week, some of the team members like Leah Dockendorf said that they “just need to get the hang of it”.

Though CyberPatriot is a difficult club, its rewards are greatly emphasized. People still are welcome to join, but this is a club that requires hard work and commitment. All things considered, CyberPatriot’s team members look forward to getting right to work.