Engineering AutoDesk

Freshman Engineering students started to use AutoDesk Inventor to design puzzle cubes with Engineering teacher Scott Underwood last week in his classroom.

AutoDesk Inventor allows students to design and assemble 3-D models, assisting students to create presentations and animations.

“So far we are doing well. We are working on dimensioning, which is difficult, but overall it’s going great,” said Underwood.

AutoDesk Inventor is now being taught to freshmen, which is a big step away from only giving the tool to sophomores, juniors and seniors. It gives students a basic understanding of the software and the concepts involved, laying a foundation to maximize student growth as they progress through their high school careers.

“My seniors are using this program to build a small engine because they already learned this program,” said Underwood.

According to freshman Josh Torrecampo, he is enjoying the freedom he has with AutoDesk Inventor.

AutoDesk is really cool and I like exploring the new things you can do with AutoDesk Inventor. I like making 3-D models of anything we want to make.”

AutoDesk Inventor isn’t just picture perfect- it has some flaws that can be improved on.

“There are lots of tools in the program and it can be very confusing at time. I wish they had a  introduction of all the tools in the program. It [would] make the program much better,” said Torrecampo.

Next week, Engineering students will begin designing the models they have on AutoDesk Inventor and create a real-life 3-D version, so AutoDesk Inventor is only just beginning of their process.