A-TECH Reacts: Pumpkin spice


Mike Mozart on flickr.com

With the fall season finally here, almost everyone is freaking out about pumpkin spice flavored things, whether positive or negative.

Most companies are taking advantage of this, and making a lot of their products pumpkin spice flavored. There are coffee creamers, Frosted Flakes, soft caramels, Jell-O, protein powders, and Starbucks lattes, one of the most popular products of them all. Is it becoming too much pumpkin, or is it not enough?

“I like it [but]- I think they make way too many things pumpkin spice, that don’t need to be pumpkin spice,” said freshman Adam Thomas.

Pumpkin spice is a really popular trend. So popular, that people call it overrated, and there are even memes about it.

“I tried a pumpkin spice latte, and it tastes like a cinnamon flavored rock. Yeah, I think they’re overrated,” said junior Declan Corea.

Since it only happens in the fall, what do people think would happen if the products were sold year round?

“Just because they do it around the fall, I think people crave it because they can’t get it on other days,” said Danielle Belin.

Most people felt that if pumpkin spice products were sold year round, such as the famous Starbucks latte, then it just wouldn’t have the same effect on people. It wouldn’t have such a hype unless it was during fall, and if people could get to it year-round, they wouldn’t crave it as much.

“I think [the trend] would definitely die because part of the hype is the pumpkin spice season, and if it’s so year round, there is no pumpkin spice season,” said sophomore Mackenzie Baack.