What Would You Do?

High School of Business Principals, or Business I, students are have started section two of their project, also known as the ‘What Would You Do’ project on October 1st in Sherry Stidhums’s class and Greg Bailey’s class.

The ‘What Would You Do?’ project is a continuation of the ‘Lights, Camera… Business!’ project where students studied types of business and their roles. Now they must dig deeper then just definitions and purpose.

Stidhum said, “Now students are looking at the businesses competitors, operations, profits, losses and risks.”

The project will last approximately two to three weeks from October 1st.

Freshman Alejandro Yanez said, “Our projects prepare us for what is to come in life in general as we aquire skills that are essential to our future careers. It also helps with things we can use today such as teamwork and presenting.”