The Senior Capstone Project


Natalie B

Enjoy eating sundaes at the beach or fun night outs with friends? First you’ll have to complete your high school courses and college. Luckily, college will be easier to find and get into. Finding your passion in school has never change as much as when these students are working on their senior capstone projects.

Roger Mayo said, “The senior capstone is an opportunity for our students to engage in not only gathering research, compiling it together, and doing an argumentative research paper, but they are also able to then take that research that they found, expand on it, and develop a product and/or process and then after that they get to actually present that.”

The research portion is about almost a ten page paper. Once the students are done with the research component, they would start to build their product and/or the internship or process that connects their research, if they had one.

The capstone is on the college level which means if the students do engage in the project, they could have a greater chance to be accepted into the college they would like to attend.

Thinking about it, if you mention some of the colleges best professors in the program you want to study and you quote that you actually worked on a project with them as a high school student, you are accepted straight into that college with this like sky rocket. The students are encouraged to look at the schools websites, specifically professors in the fields that they actually want to study.

Students then look for professors who have research in the topic that they are interested in and have the opportunity to reach out to that professor. At that point the students actually get the resources they need to do what they want.

The capstone was implemented to help students get into more and more colleges. When they send their application in, they are able to say they have done a capstone. A lot of colleges like that and want their students to have some sort of big research project for their senior year.

Sam Winn said, “It’s nice to have the capstone done. It helps the students get into better colleges. It’s a positive thing even though it’s a lot of work.”

The students have a deadline of January to have the capstones started. March 5th is the deadline to have everything done.

Computer science applies to all fields of study. Students can use their programming skills on any of it to help do their capstone project. The students meet with their mentors as many times as they need and have three official meetings throughout the year.

“I think the biggest thing I do is I help motivate them. I’m super excited about it. It’s a huge opportunity to help our students get into really good schools,” said Mayo.