License for Graphic Design


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To conclude the quarter, Kelly Charles’ and Lucas Gearhart’s Graphic Design II classes will PhotoShop license plates, amassing multiple different skills and concepts to complete the project before the end of the quarter.

Both teachers introduced the project to their classes at the beginning of last week. Students will work on four license plates in total to complete this assignment.

Gearhart said the class will learn “a lot about layer styles and interpreting the place to make them reflect, where it’s from, and how to simplify things.”

“It’s a pretty cool project,” said Charles. “[Students] will use layer styles a lot and bevel and emboss.”

Layer styles is a tool in PhotoShop which can help the user make their picture look better by applying one or more effects to certain items they want, which can be put into what is called a “layer.” Layer styles can be applied to multiple layers or what is called a “layer group.”

“I hope to learn the ability to make something visually appealing but also practical. It’s easy to make a license look pretty, but you have to consider the practical things like if the license plate numbers are easily visible and if the pictures on the license plate accurately represent the state its from,” mentioned sophomore A’mya Williams. “Like, it’s odd to see a moose in the desert or alligators where it snows.”

On the other hand, junior Chrystal Covarrubias said, “I’m learning how to put good use to tools such as the selection tool, which helped me fill the background with one solid color and cut out the holes you see in license plates. I also learned how to bevel and emboss and play with the angles, highlights, and shadows of the 3D effects it gives.”

Bevel and emboss, angles, highlight, and shadows are different effects that students can use in their layer styles.

Although [the project is] simple, it’s slightly insightful. I enjoy how I get to see where graphics can be done on the most basic of things, besides shirts and websites. I would never have thought that graphic art is also used for license plates,” Williams went on to say.

Other students sought fun in what they created.

Covarrubias said, “I think this project is cool. It’s not super complicated or anything, as long as you follow the tutorial at least. I found coming up with the license plate numbers to be pretty easy since I’m funny. I put ‘NY00M’, like the sound race cars make, and ‘G0TAG0’,” Covarrubias conveyed.

Both teachers encourage their students to incorporate Illustrator and PhotoShop into their final product, which Covarrubias said would help her “to add cool effects and finishing touches like gradients and background pictures.”