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On September 26th and 27th, 2018, the students of the business program were visited by members of SCORE. SCORE is a national nonprofit organization that helps small businesses get started.  This was the first time the members of SCORE spoke to the students of the business program at A-TECH.

The members of SCORE will be serving as mentors, panelists, and judges for the High School Business students. In addition, they will also be serving as mentors for the seniors of the business program.

SCORE was contacted by the instructors of the business program, Sherry Stidhum and Greg Bailey. SCORE members Julie Brander and Ken Baird spoke to Stidhum’s 3rd and 4th period students while Gerry Beadel spoke to Bailey’s 5th and 6th period Advanced Studies senior students. During the 80-minute presentation, they spoke about areas of competition, risk, and profit with the students.

“To have people who’ve been business owners, because Ken and Julie have been business owners and executives in business, [they] give them real-life examples, experience, and wisdom,” said Stidhum.

They also spoke on a project High School Business is currently working on called the “what would you do?” project. They gave them feedback on what they already accomplished as well as explaining certain parts of the project.

All in all, SCORE was contacted to give students of the business program here at A-TECH advice from real life business people, and teach them how to apply some of their knowledge in real life scenarios.