October 1st Super Smash Bros. Tournament


Kahlin Lindholm

Andre Amansee (left) and Michael Zingo (right) playing a competitive match in tournament.

Super Smash Bros. Club held their first tournament on Monday, October 1st. The tournament was free to enter, and was intended to welcome casual players to the competitive side of Smash.

Tournaments for Super Smash Bros. 4 have been held as part of Smash Club since its creation, but this year the club is taking a new approach to tournaments. Rather than charging money for entry into the competition, the club officers have decided to run tournaments completely free of charge, until the club decides otherwise.

“We often had very few participants the last few years,” said Michael Zingo, the vice-president of Smash Club. “By making tournaments more available, we’re hoping to get the more casual players interested in the competitive setting, and make things more fun.”

Despite the often 30+ attendees of Smash Club on a weekly basis last year, it was common for only 7 or 8 members to enter into tournaments. On these days, the rest of the members would be left without a game to play, as the consoles and televisions they would normally have played on were instead being used for the tournament. When asked, members would often cite a lack of experience or money as their reasoning for not entering the tournament, which lead to tournament results becoming stagnant with no new participants joining over the course of a year. Without the stress of payment and active encouragement from the club officers, though, tournament attendance jumped up to 12, the highest it’s ever been.

“A lot of people used to have to sit out,” said Camden Yenchek, a member of Smash Club. “So letting people learn about the competitive side of Smash is fun.” When prompted, Yenchek said that he would likely participate in a tournament again, despite not making it very far in bracket.

Going forward, Smash Club has made plans to incorporate coaching between the biweekly tournaments, to help further encourage the participation of the rest of the members, and to help every member steadily improve throughout the year.

“Smash Club is going to be all about having fun and improvement this year,” said Kahlin Lindholm, Smash Club’s president.” And that starts with making sure everyone is involved.”