New Mock Trials in Criminal Justice 1

In the Legal Studies program, the Criminal Justice I students will be working on mock trials throughout the year. They are learning how court trials work and function. They started this on Friday, September 21.

“I honestly don’t know a lot about mock trial but I am excited to try out something new to me because so far it does seem really interesting and fun,” said freshman Carlos Reza.

The students will have multiple mock trials this year, where they will be given a case to work on. The students will develop a theme for the case, and create a theory of what happened.

“I’m excited for mock trial, because it will be a good experience. There are multiple factors that go into building a case, and I think it is going to really fun figuring out what to do,” said freshman Kyrene Concepcion-Moreno.

Last year, the freshman for Criminal Justice were not offered the same mock trial opportunity that this year’s class is offered.

“Students on their end of year survey asked if we could add some mock trials the the class,” said Legal Studies teacher Courtney Stern. “I met with Mr. Eason and we discussed it and decided to start teaching mock trial skills to freshman in Legal Studies.”

Students in the class will be getting lessons about mock trials twice a month. They will begin to do the mock trials in 4th quarter.

“I feel mock trial is going to be a fun way to learn more about this class, and it will definitely keep it interesting for everyone involved,” said freshman Cody Lai.