Cybersecurity, Welcome To A-TECH


Jeremiah Mendoza

Cade Romero learning in his Cybersecurity class

A-TECH has added a new Cybersecurity elective and this year the state of Nevada has included Cybersecurity as a pathway/program. A-TECH has yet to include this as a program area, but it is offered as an elective by the side of the IT program.

The Cybersecurity teachers explained that A-TECH has started to build on what students already know.

“The program touches on your basic computer skills, then moves into forensics type skills, then to learning about the network, then finally more security types of stuff,” said Cybersecurity teacher Melissa Perrin-Smith.

So far, students have enjoyed the program and look forward to where it’s headed.

“The Cybersecurity program is pretty cool, I enjoy it and it teaches people how to hash and stuff, which is cool,” said freshman Alexandru Diloreanu.

Another student expressed what the class means to him.

“It is something I’ve been really into,” said freshman Cade Romero. “I like computers a lot and pretty much every chance I got I’d go on my computer when I was like 4 or 5. I wouldn’t really play games or anything, I’d mess around with the control panel, command prompt and other things like that. I find it amazing, feels like a home away from home in the lab.”

Although Cybersecurity may not ever be a program due to the other computer classes, its position as an elective has fallen on grateful ears.