Oasis Concert



The concert that Rock For Change is hosting, Oasis, will be on October 29 in the SAC. The concert will begin at 2:30 and will end at 4:00.

In the concert, students will be performing and showcasing their talents. There will also be a DJ that will be “MCing” in between performances. Steven Oloya will be the DJ for the concert, an A-TECH student. The concert is one of the main funding techniques that Rock For Change uses, but that is not the only reason why A-TECH will be having this concert.

“The oasis concert is to raise money, and we use that money not only to fund our club but to also donate to Project 150,” said Jeffery Hinton, one of the advisers of the club.

Project 150 is one of the charities that Rock For Change supports. The Charity gives clothes, hygiene products and food to high school students in need.

On top of it all, the concert is an opportunity for musicians to show what they got and to share their talents.

Hinton said, “I enjoy the fact that students get to do something different here at A-Tech. We have some great clubs and activities but I think this is just one more thing that makes going to A-Tech unique. This is something worth looking forward to and I really like the fact that we are raising money for a good cause.”

Lets support those students and the charity by cheering them on in the concert!