Say Hello to Teriyaki Bowls on Mondays

Say Hello to Teriyaki Bowls on Mondays

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Starting October 1, Teriyaki Wednesdays were rescheduled to Mondays.

“We changed it so it gave us more days to actually sell the Teriyaki Chicken, so it would help us.”Said Alisa Nyznck, who operates the Teriyaki Bowl sales. 

This is a relatively major switch for the operation, so Nyznyk is hoping for the best.

“We’re hoping that we can get more sales so we can [get] more sales to students that need it”.

When asked exactly what these bowls pay for, Nyznyk said, “It’s a fundraiser for us, to help students pay for fees, or tests, or any kind of like financial hardship. If the school can’t help in other resources, or if other resources can’t help, we try to help”.

If this change helps sell more bowls, it could be easier for A-TECH to help students in need with the money.