Verizon Visit


ACU representatives from Verizon were visiting room 800 on September 14th in order to speak to High School of Business and Business Management II students regarding design thinking skills. It’s just the beginning of a long list of future visitors at A-TECH.

On Friday, September 14th Business students got a chance to speak to business owners who offered insight on the field that they hope to soon join.

Students were presented an issue regarding the cafeteria and they created five solutions for their issue. They worked from there and created a prototype for their solution and demonstrated it to their class, teachers and the ACU team.

“All of our classes did a lesson on design thinking which looks at empathy, how do you pitch a product.” Said Sherry Stidhum, the business teacher who’s class was visited.

“Just knowing when you’re involved in running operations in any setting you have to face challenges that must be solved.”