Quack if You Want $2,000


On November 23, 2018, the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce is holding a duck calling contest for all high school seniors to earn scholarships based on their duck calling abilities, which is how well they can imitate duck sounds to lure in ducks and other related fowl with wooden instruments that produce a similar sound when blown into.

Over $4,000 in scholarships will be awarded to students in 1st through 4th place in the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart, Arkansas. First place will receive $2,000, second place will get $1,000, third place will get $750, and fourth place will get $500.

“I don’t like ducks, I don’t even eat them,” said a junior student who wished to remain anonymous. “But if you give me $2,000, then yeah, I’ll gladly go do this duck calling thing.”

The duck calling contest will be part of the annual Duck Festival expo, celebrating the duck tradition and heritage in the city of Stuttgart. Over $73,000 in scholarships have been awarded since its inception in 43 years ago. The money for the scholarships has been funded through button pin sales, cookouts, raffles, fish fries, and so on.

“Wow, wow, I mean, this is great,” said senior student Tanya Yap. “But is this real? That’s really weird, duck calling. If it’s your thing, then go for it I guess.“

Even the staff saw the opportunities that could be obtained.

“I believe students who have any degree in duck calling should join,” said English teacher Anne Wake. “And having bread in my pocket doesn’t affect the judges’ results, does it?“