Architecture’s Senior Capstone

This year means another Capstone project for our seniors within the architecture program here at A-TECH. Even though there are many capstone projects that are going to be made, not all of them are the same.

The Architecture program area’s Capstone is different from other program areas, which means that they must prepare differently. Not only do the students have to prepare differently, the program area directors have to as well.

“My idea for my Capstone project is capsule living. It ties into Architecture because a huge part of my idea has to do with minimalist design. Mr. Knoeppel has helped us by showing us videos on how to build our driving question,” explained Kayla La Rose, a senior in the Architecture program area.

Rich Knoeppel, Architecture’s advising teacher, is helping the students by assisting them with videos and giving advice.

“The idea that I have connects to Architecture because it deals with different materials and how the applications of these materials can help people. I would say that Architecture helped me come up with my idea because it gave me a wide array of subjects to talk about,” mentioned Daniel Magana, a fellow senior of La Rose.

Many seniors right now are working on their Capstone projects with their driving questions and starting to draft different things. Architecture on the other hand, is different from other capstones because the students have to apply the skills they learned in Architecture into their Capstone by using designing, sketching, and planning skills learned throughout the program.