The Student Store Is Overpriced

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The student store, which used to be located on the side wall of the SAC, is overcharging students for snacks and drinks. Last year, Gatorade and Snapple used to be 1 dollar per bottle, but they’ve now increased it to $1.25 for Snapple, and $1.50 for Gatorade!

As frequent consumers of Snapple products, this is an absolute outrage! We cannot comprehend the stupidity of this situation!

Why is increasing the price a big deal if it is just increased $.25? Let’s do some calculations.

If you were to buy 4 Snapple Cans for $1.25 each, you would have to pay $5. That’s an extra dollar! What a rip-off!

But say you really like Snapple, like most people should, and you buy a total of 10 cans a year. That’s a total of $12.50, when you could be paying $10!

But say you really LOVE Snapple, like we do, and you buy one can every week. There’s 37 weeks in the school year, so you would have to pay $46.25! That is $9.25 more than you should be paying! That’s 9 more Snapples you could buy!

It is understandable for student store to make more profit by rising the price, but as students, we can not allow this crime against A-TECH students to go unanswered.

This year the sellers raised $0.25, what if next year, they raise it by $1.00? Additionally, what if they also raise other products such as Cheetos and ice cream? Hmmmm….

Maybe before they raised the price, sellers should study economics and ask for our opinion since we are the ones who pay them using our money!

So we say, don’t buy Snapple or Gatorade from the student store. It’s way too pricey! Instead, buy them from your local gas station and save some money.

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