Oasis at A-TECH

Oasis, A-TECH’s signature concert, is happening on October 29th in the SAC from 2:15 to 4:30.

Students from other schools are welcome to attend. Tickets are sold for five dollars during first and second lunch from October 1st to 29th and include pizza. Stickers are being sold 2 for 1 dollar or 1 for 50 cents and are being used to help fund the event.

Students from other CCSD schools and A-TECH are able to submit an audition by video to Erin Knoeppel or Jeffery Hinton, or can audition in person. Auditions are from the 24th to the 27th in Mr. Hinton’s room, room 626, from 2:30 to 4.

Knoeppel, the running leader of the music festival that has been going on for three years, has been providing an opportunity for kids to demonstrate their talents. Oasis is a charity concert that has partnered with Rock For Change, a similar event, that gets students from A-TECH and from other schools to perform, whether that’s dancing or playing instruments in a band.

“It’s kind of like a platform for students and what they’re passionate about,” said Knoeppel.

The proceeds that are gathered from the Oasis go into donation to Project 150, an organization that helps homeless high school students.

They are looking for talents like musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, and a wide variety of abilities. There will be one rehearsal before the day of Oasis. Once you join in to perform, you must join the Google Classroom so they know which students to excuse from class. Separate bands may emerge and play on their own.

Email [email protected] for guest passes and information on helping.