Internship for High School Business II Students


At the end of the year, it will be time for High School Business II students to put in years of knowledge into practice through an internship. 

Coordinators of High School Business II, which is a class of made up of mostly juniors, think they’re ready for this challenge.

High School Business II students are assigned a place to intern based on the teacher’s judgement on the kind of environment they think they would perform best at, as well as the student’s personal preference. This is done so the internship is within the students skill level but also something they would enjoy doing.

Eric Ye, a student of High School Business II had this to say about the internship.

“In my opinion I think Juniors taking the internship at the end of the year is a good idea,” said Ye. “Mainly because it can expose us to things such as opportunities, experiences, and let us be able to make connections with the field we choose as our future occupation.”

The goal of this internship would be to give the students real world work experience. This would enable them to practice the skills they’ve been taught in the years prior and give them insight as to how the knowledge they acquired is used in a real world situation.

However, if a student cannot complete the internship they’re given other options but, the chance of being given an alternative assignment is based on if the student offers a valid reason as to why they can not complete the internship.

Greg Bailey, the instructor for Advanced Studies Business, explains what would happen in a situation like this.

“It really depends on the individual,” said Bailey. “If it wasn’t completed for valid reasons then we would just have to make it up through other life experience, them going out to businesses, them doing an extra project or something that would just kind of complete it.”

If the goal of this internship is to impress, wearing professional clothes, speaking in a professional manner, presenting themselves professionally, and staying of their phones would achieve this.

Ultimately, this would be the first and only internship this year’s High School Business II students have ever taken in regards to the Business program here at A-TECH.