Assassin’s Creed Movie


Photograph taken by Miranda Cain

Miranda Cain

Over Spring Break, several new developments have been disclosed about the Assassin’s Creed movie stated to be released this December.

On March 21, new screenshots from the movie were released showing the movie’s star, Michael Fassbender, in a jail cell.

Then, March 25, the new teaser trailer was released. This trailer was not like any other typical trailer; instead of being accessible on typical forums like YouTube, fans are instead encouraged to dial 1-646-845-9162 to hear an embedded message. In the message, a corporate greeting plays from Abstergo Industries stating a delay in communications, followed by static and Michael Fassbender reciting the Assassin’s Oath.

Finally, March 28, it was released that star Michael Fassbender has in fact already signed on for a sequel for the to-be-released movie, although the director of the movie has yet to announce if he has signed on for another movie too.


But, despite all of this hype, producers say the movie will only be loosely based on the Ubisoft games. In an interview with DesignTrends, producers of the movie said the film will stray from the Ubisoft roots when necessary.


Why create hype over a video game movie, when the movie will only be loosely based on the actual game? Fans question whether it will it matter.

“Well, Michael Fassbender is a really good actor and it’s going to be assassin-themed, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s based on the games,” said junior Arturo Perez.

However, not everyone agrees. “I don’t understand why they would do that. Everyone loves the Assassin’s Creed story, so why would the producers disregard that story?” said sophomore Shannon Patchin.

“If they loosely base it off the game and it’s good, then it’s fine! But if the plot is bad and there’s just random love stories and clichés, then no. It’s not okay,” said junior Imani Mitchell.

So far it seems this movie could go either way upon its release.