Fortnite Season 6 Is Coming Soon


Epic Games

The new skin teasers give a hint of what Season 6.

As the culmination of Fortnite Season 5 comes to an end, the Fortnite community has had many theories about the theme of Season 6. Some think there might be a volcano and others think that the cube, which mysteriously appeared on the map and has been moving over the past few days, will destroy some locations and add new ones.

New information suggest that Fortnite Season 6 might not come on September 20 as most players expected, but a week later.

“It’s actually coming in two more weeks,” said Fortnite YouTuber, Incredilag.

What many wonder is: What do we know about Season 6?

With this new cube in Fortnite, there have also been leakers that have been giving some information for some possible Season 6 features.

“The enforcers sent the cube, the enforcers can’t live in Earth’s atmosphere so they must change it, the cube creates small domes that mimic their planet’s atmosphere. At Loot Lake, the cube will absorb water and send energy to the domes making them grow. Season 5 will end with Loot Lake drained and domes becoming twice as large. The trailer for Season 6 will show people walking up to the cube and getting struck and bounded away. Drift walks up to the cube and when the lightning strikes him, he doesn’t get knocked back because he is human; the cube keeps striking him and the bolts get bigger, Drift become charged and the cube explodes,” said an anonymous leaker on Reddit.

Enforcers are believed to be the ones who sent the cube in order to live in the Fortnite world.

“The Drift skin actually has the same sort of energy to him, you know, the all sort of the pink and purple, so you know the bolts and everything about him. He does have the same sort of aura or the same sort of energy flowing through, as the cube actually does have itself,” says Fortnite YouTube streamer Chuck.

Since this information was leaked, some other data mining shows that there might be a volcano. Many believe that the cube will stop moving once it is inside Loot Lake. After that the water will dry up and the empty space will turn into lava or a volcano.


Data miners found this volcano inside the Epic Games files for Fortnite.

 “It’s in the shape of Loot Lake…” says Fortnite streamer PlayStationGrenade. “Did you ever fly over Loot Lake in week one of Season 5? Did you notice there is something under the water? Could this be the volcano?

Along with possibly a castle with it, with evidence from past Blue Squire and Black Knight skins, Season 5 Crazy Castle, and what seems to be in the background of the Capoeira emote announced by Fortnite’s twitter account, and the dragon in the dark version of the Brite Bomber in the week 10 loading screen.

The Capoeira emote announcement from Fortnite may be giving a teaser of a castle.

One possible clue of the cube also might be that it could be giving of some evil. In the new week 10 loading screen, the Brite Bomber touches the cube and an opposite of her stares back.

“The week 10 loading screen has been revealed and it opens so many possibilities for Fortnite. Here we see the Brite Bomber touching the cube, but look at her reflection. There’s a negative version of her looking back,” said Fortnite streamer PlayStationGrenade.

Fortnite Brite Bomber touches the cube and sees a reflection of what could be her evil opposite.

Leakers and data miners still work to find clues and hints towards the theme of Fortnite Season 6 before Season 5 ends. But, for now, Fortnite players wait; only time will tell how the next chapter in the saga will unfold.