Architecture’s Class of 2021

Scott Wolkenhauer, Cub Reporter

This year, the sophomore class’ architecture program is undergoing reconstruction. They will be learning more about how to excel in some architecture skills. They worked on sketching and learning about the program last year. This means they will be applying many of the skills that learned this year.

“I have architecture during 1st and 4th. Those students are just finishing up creating sheds.” says architecture instructor Ms.Coe.

These sheds are building atop a project they did last year, where they sketched blueprints. Many of the students are excited to learn new things.

Sophomore Diego Vega said, “We have built a model of a shed and learned about framing that goes into the building a house. It connects to last year because, I remember sketching these things, but not building a model of one. It is very excited to see things that are connected to work from last year”

Not only did they use building these sheds as a time to learn it helped them have a fun experience in skills that are needed for architecture also.

Sophomore Justus Jenkins said, “They shed assignment/project was really helpful in sketching and designing but it was also really fun for me. I felt as if I was building a design for a real outside model of a house”

Sketching, building and experimenting is these future architects’ first step in laying the foundation for a successful career.