A Look Inside Computer Science


Stefano Petroni on Flickr

Last week, Computer Science students were hard at work learning and reviewing old and new material. From coding a program, to rearranging packages, to learning why Net Neutrality is important, the program area is starting out strong.

Computer Science III students working under Roger Mayo are currently working on a lab assignment that delivers packages. The script from this will be able to move and arrange packages so they can fit into tight spaces and, with his classroom requirements of only having a desire to learn and to work hard, the students in his class will surely be able to finish the assignment wholeheartedly.

“The classroom is a great place to explore ideas and change the world,” said Mayo.

In Ursela Jones’ classroom, AP CS Principles students are learning about routers and networks and how they work, along with how packages are sent. Students here are also learning about Net Neutrality and why it’s important, as well as working out possibilities on how to solve the current issues with Net Neutrality, later in the class.

“The students here are focused, driven and a pleasure to teach,” Jones Conveyed about her students.

Sam Winn’s AP CS Principles students are currently learning on how the internet works and how the network operates alongside internet. The students in his class are also learning through a new curriculum: Code.org. Code.org is a nonprofit website where students can learn Computer Science.

Students who are taking Game Development with their new teacher, Lorenzo Hernandez, are currently working on modeling game assets in Blender, an open source graphics software.

CS is doing big things this year, and the teachers are passionate in teaching the behind-the-scenes side of the internet.