Just Improvise!

Improv Club is New and Improved


Courtney Stern

Theatre Club members doing an improv warm-up (Photo Taken by Courtney Stern)

Theater / Improv Club is new and improved.

With Courtney Stern as the adviser and with Shuang Wu as a coach joining the 20 member team, things seem to be moving smoothly. According to Stern, there is no experience or any requirements needed to join, all you need is some enthusiasm.

This particular club meets on Fridays at room 308, they have had a couple of meetings so far that seem to be going off to a good start.

Junior Allison Clark, secretary of the club had an exceptional time at the first official meeting of the club.

“It was pretty fun, we got to talking about cool theater stuff that we all understand and it was pretty interesting. We did a few exercises with emotion and everyone had to copy it, we had laughs and giggles with that. I think I’ve actually improved a lot.” Said Clark.

Jazmin Monzon, another member of the group, seemed to really hit it off with other members of the group and was interested in what the club had to offer.

“The first club meeting for me was actually really fun, we went ahead and introduced ourselves and then all of us just bonded and we played around together so we got to know each other and our interests and it was really nice, I felt connected to them.”

The club is planning to work on acting, monologue, scene studies and script writing.