Greenies of Graphic Design


Drawn by Alex Bravo-Jones

As the new year begins, Kelly Charles has a new batch of students coming into his Graphic Design I class. The new group has already started learning the basics as they prepare for future classes.

Students are beginning to be provided with the skills and knowledge that they need to create a variety of commercial products.

Freshman Autumn Tickle said, “We’re learning how to photoshop. [We’re learning] literally everything. How to remove acne off of people is really common.”

One project in the class is a spoons project in which the class had to draw 20 spoons.

Tickle said the project “helped [her] to use [her] arm more”.

“[We’re] drawing cubes and spheres and shading them in.”Said freshman Alex Bravo-Jones, on another project,”So, pretty much, we’re not allowed to use our wrists; we’re mainly using our shoulder.

Graphic Design I is the first Graphic Design class at A-TECH.

 “[The class] is fun. It has its moments. It’s an easy class.”Said Tickle.