Computer Science


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Students in Computer Science courses often have a lot on their plate with coding, sometimes just a byte. Coming up, however, exams will test how they think and work (and launch rockets).

Ursela Jones, AP Computer Science teacher, has upcoming tests and exams for her classes. Jones gives her students a ‘pre’ and ‘post’ test for each unit she has. Her class has an upcoming flash talk and net neutrality discussion. At the end of her course, there is the AP exam students can take for college credits.

Sam Winn, AP Computer Science Principles teacher, also has upcoming exams in his course. Winn also gives a ‘pre and ‘post’ test for his classes, along with a chapter test. There will be a little quiz coming up for the course and a big AP test at the end of the year which includes three parts: multiple choice, digital portfolios, and creating a program.

Roger Mayo, a Computer Science III teacher, is working on having his classes launch a rocket into space later this year. Mayo has an end of program assessment and two AP tests- the Principle and A tests. The centaport test will certify students to be an MTA and will be taken later this year.

“The classroom is a great place to explore ideas and change the world,” said Mayo.

Lorenzo Hernandez, game development teacher, says coding and computer science are a big part of game development. At the end of the quarter, his classes will work on making a game environment using the coding and abilities they had been working on. Later down the line, the classes will be working on their 3rd year big Capstone project and creating a game that actually works.

It should be an interesting one for Computer Science as they work to change the world, one turning test at a time.