Lights, Camera… Business!



Business I has completed its first project of the year, a.k.a. the “Lights, Camera… Business”, which started on August 27 and ended September 19-20.

The project involves answering two major questions: what is a business, and what makes it special? The basis is to explore the five different types of businesses and along the way, find the answers to those two questions.

In this project, students go through a singular partnership then to a partnership involving two or more people and finally leading up to a corporation.

“For this first project, [the students] are first broken up into a retail team, a wholesale team, manufacturing, service and nonprofit,” described Sherry Stidhum, business teacher, at an interview regarding the project.

The project involves plenty of research, like many other projects, but unlike them, this one also involves visiting the businesses students are researching. A hands-on experience is always helpful when learning about something new, so it’s no wonder why at least one student in each group is required to do so.

“It teaches them everything they need to know,” said Stidhum. “If you actually do a project and you do the research and you know the history of a company and you talk to the people at the company — the owners, in the end, you should have no problem retaining the type of business, what they do and their purpose — how they help the community even.”