“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore on flickr licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore on flickr licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Trump Effect

March 18, 2016

Donald Trump is changing the 2016 election with his own brand of business finesse.

The utter pandemonium called the new “political revolution” has caused a mass of outraged voters to actively push. Now, candidates shamelessly scramble to gain a stronghold on party nominations and make the political race into a schoolyard game of tag.

Following the Super Tuesdays and Super Saturdays, the idea of Donald Trump as a feasible, tangible, and very, very real threat to the Republican party is now more than a meme on the internet. His campaign was expected to crash and burn somewhere along the road, but currently he is leading the GOP polls. Trump has secured delegates from a whooping 18 different states —including Nevada, out of the 20 states 一 during recent primaries and caucuses.

This prompts the question: ‘will there be a contested convention?’ A “contested” or “brokered ” convention is when no single candidate has secured a majority of delegates before the nominating conventions 一1,237 in the Republican case or 2,383 in the case of Democrats.

If the GOP calls for a convention, it could prove wildly unsuccessful and they could lose the loyalty of the American public that has stood behind Trump since he announced his candidacy in June 2015. It’s one thing to undermine The Donald, but it’s another to outright deny a man who has won so many states. Undignified Republican voters could choose not to vote or ballot for the Democratic nominee. Assuming the convention works and Trump’s support dissipates, the GOP could select a new nominee.

A contested convention, however promising and possible, could be chaotic. Although Donald Trump may win the Republican nomination and he is unlikely to win the general election, there is the underlying likeliness he could. Donald Trump could become President of the United States. Trump could become the leader of the GOP: a PR nightmare for the Republican party. Trump does not gracefully lead the party line, he effectively damages the GOP’s legacy.

His policies on minorities, Muslims in particular, surpass the idea of “let’s build a wall!” and his stance on healthcare reform was recently put under fire. His stance on refugees has drawn the attention and panic of children. Melissa Yassini,一a young Muslim girl who fears being kicked out by Trump一her story caught traction back in December when members of the military spoke out in support of her younger sister. Trump could easily become a household name synonymous with “atrocity.” Trump’s criticism of immigration helped him gain the support of some and the anger of many.

Trump isn’t the only one of his kind. Alan Grayson of New York, who is currently running to replace Marco Rubio’s place as senator of Florida, is Trump’s Democratic equivalent, both in terms of his large money bags and the hate handed to him by the Party leaders. What draws people to him is the same thing that draws supporters towards Trump — his spunk.

Grayson says what he wants to say and he’s not afraid to do it. The American public wants to have a voice, but at times our representatives are ineffective, or we fear that they do not hear us. Everyone hears Trump, everyone, there is no denying that.

As support for the man increases, so does the public’s dissent for him. Trump’s supporters, however, don’t seem to be losing momentum, and instead root for him more fervently. With November approaching quickly, the outroar of wronged crowds rallying at candidate events has surpassed any possible element of surprise.

On March 5, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney spoke out about the true danger of a Trump Administration. Recently, Republican candidate John Kasich asked his administration to compile a list of Trump quotes that have been promoting violence at his rallies. Donald Trump has gone as far as warning Bernie Sanders to “be careful” and unleash the wrath of his followers onto Sanders’ after his Chicago rally was cancelled.

The reality of the Republican party at the moment is haunting. It’s eating itself alive. The GOP is on its way to holding an unfavorable nominee that members of his own party are working against behind-the-scenes. Few are willing to publically support Trump, but if it comes down to it, they’ll fall in line to work with him as the nominee. For Republicans, this could mean a possible Democratic win, or the end of Republican control. Leading the 163-year-old party to very well come apart.

If Trump isn’t a good candidate to begin with, that leaves people asking, ‘are there better choices?’ To put it into perspective, Marco Rubio suggested during a GOP debate: “you know what they say about men with small hands? You can’t trust them.” This sparked long-lived comments about Trump’s hands that he’s apparently received throughout the years. Not to mention his consistent denial in respects to climate change 一which is very real一just ask the polar bears.

Is anything about this race clear? If not, Ted Cruz was heavily criticized about his avid praise for Trump’s policies last year, which places him in danger when it comes to support from Hispanics and especially women. According to Trump, Hispanics are “bringing crime. They’re rapists,” and that they’re “people from all over who are killers and rapists and are coming into this country.” In his defense, Donald Trump does assume some Hispanics are good people. Ted Cruz himself is Hispanic, which initially brought the expectation that he would win the Hispanic vote easily.

Cruz has been leading in Texas, his home state, but that could easily change with Trump. He won the Iowa caucus mostly due to his heavy appeal of family values to the state’s religious base.

So if you’re worried about Trump as much as the next guy, don’t sweat it. As results from Super Tuesday 3 are rolling in, a new face has risen in the GOP. John Kasich, which isn’t a popular face with Donald Trump sitting in the spotlight, was brought to the stage as he won his home state of Ohio — a major swing state. His win and the tragic loss of Florida pushed contender Marco Rubio out of the race. Good grief.

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