Get Paid to Kick Zombie Butt



The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship, hosted by Unigo, is awarding a $2000 scholarship for the best written survival plan in case of a zombie invasion.

“Imagine that your high school or college has been overrun by zombies,” reads the description of the contest.

Due October 31, 2018, this scholarship is meant to have students ages 13 and up to showcase their imaginative ideas of surviving a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

The written response must be submitted online to their website, have a word count of 250 or less, and must carve out descriptions of a plan of avoiding zombie encounters, along with a list five objects that would be brought into the apocalypse.

“I actually have a survival plan secretly buried in a house under my yard,” said computer science teacher Sam Winn. “Because when Planet X comes by, that’s what gonna start — the zombie apocalypse.”

Previous winning entries include song lyrics, poems, and personal narratives. The contest has been going on for several years now.

“Since it’s a zombie, you could maybe do like ‘headshot!’ and then they’re dead,” said senior Andrea Navarro. “I think everyone should participate. That’s actually a really good scholarship that’s being offered to people.”