Lunchroom Lunacy


Photo taken by Katheryn Ellis

On August 24th, 2018, a bird made its appearance in the SAC during first lunch and drew the attention of multiple students at the far side of the cafeteria. Witnesses to the bird began to shout and point as it gained more and more attention.

“…We just saw the bird was landing on the window near the stage,” senior Yifan Chang was assisting the student store as part of the business program when she spotted the feathered creature. “I feel like if I’m the bird. I’m pretty confused with what’s happening, and we can see that the bird’s flying towards the lights and trying to find out where the door is, so I hope it can get out soon.”

Junior Jenzel Sayas was eating when he spotted the fowl and was ready to accept it. “[The bird] is our god now. It’s our mascot, and it will guide me through high school. It will [get out of the building], but for now it is a symbol of our hope and dedication of our school.”

The bird received a round of applause from curious lunch-goers when it, after flying around near the ceiling for a few minutes, found a more secure perch on the router near one of the clocks on the left side of the SAC. At the end of second lunch, the bird remained in the SAC.