Until Next Year: Black Student Union


Black Student Union members all came together in room 902 to say their farewells for the 2017-2018 school year.

“Last Thursday, BSU took the time to reflect on all the things we accomplished this year. We looked back on our assembly, volunteering at Mabel Hoggard, fundraisers, etc,” said Vice President Jacori Schoolfield.

Everyone in Black Student Union was presented with awards and pizza for showing dedication and appreciation toward the club.

“I didn’t expect food or awards, but it was definitely a great moment where we all had a fun time, reminisced on old memories, and were acknowledged for certain things that we had done this year that made us feel special,” said member Charles Dunn.

Participants also got to share some of the special things BSU has taught them throughout the school year and things they will take with them in the future.

“BSU has definitely helped me grow and be more aware of certain things. It has made me more knowledgeable of the African culture, and it also enabled me to bond with my friends and other people in the club,” said Dunn.

Although the sole purpose of the potluck was to award members and hold a gathering to celebrate, Black Student Union members shared their desires to not only contribute to society in some way, but to impact others doing so.

“It makes me realize others have gone through tough situations in which they didn’t stand around and take it,” said member Daysi Sorto. “They did something about it, and because of that, I feel the need to show people that no matter how small or unknown you think you are, you have a voice. We all have a voice.”